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Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Kunal Graphics) is an Indian company, based in Pune, providing professional services for web site design and development, electronic commerce (e-commerce) solutions, multimedia presentations, 3D walkthroughs, CBTs and software development for the corporate community. Not all companies fit into neat packages, and neither should their business solutions. Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. provides flexible solutions designed to compliment existing business processes, and assist businesses achieve overall efficiency and functionality. Whether your interest is in developing an interactive Internet site, a database driven Internet site, electronic commerce (e-commerce) solution, a 3D walkthrough or a multimedia presentation, Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. will provide a high-quality professional solution.

Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has been assisting clients to take advantage of existing and new technologies, maximizing their overall business efficiency. Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has adopted the Internet as the major platform to implement business solutions. We now view ourselves as a complete Multimedia and Internet services company. The Internet is growing in importance for all business uses. Electronic mail is now seen as the most cost effective and efficient business communication tool a company can adopt. Communicating on a local, national and international scale is within reach of companies big or small. The Internet is utilized to conduct electronic commerce, provide customer service, and for national and global marketing purposes.

Kunal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. identifies the key business functions and processes, and then implement solutions geared towards increasing the efficiency of these processes. It is our philosophy to form long-term partnership with our clients. The quality of our projects is crucial to the success of our clients and partners; therefore we aim to achieve the highest possible standards in all of our projects.

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Established in 1996 as a Training Center of ARENA MULTIMEDIA ( Franchise of APTECH Ltd ) who is a Leader in Multimedia Education to pioneer in the Graphics, Animation, A-V fields. The center achieved the highest billing, collections in the Western zone of India offering Quality Education to the young and creative minds. With the successful entry into the IT segment, the company diversified in offering various IT Services to the clients in India and abroad in the year 1999. The company has successfully handled different assignments and has proved its worth in rendering quality services to the clients. During this period the company developed various Web Sites for the clients in the near by region because of its powerful graphic design expertise.

Since 2001, the company diversified in creating Multimedia based Learning material development and have built a range of Learning Resources to cater to the needs of the Primary, Secondary, Higher & Technical Education.

In 2003, the company began development of products for the World Bank’s Tech-ED III project to cater to the needs of Technical Education in the remote parts of the country where quality education facilities lacked. The Multimedia and Web Technology has helped in fulfilling this requirement.

In 2004, the company scaled up its operations to undertake the development of Learning Resources for the most premier technical educational institutes in India such as Autonomous Polytechnics & Engineering colleges, Regional Colleges, NITs and IITs cover under the World Bank project of TEQIP.

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